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Call Peterborough Insulation Pros for Help in Home Efficiency Tweaks

Have you taken a close look at your home’s utility bills lately, and do the figures seem a bit excessive? If it seems too pricey having to keep the lights on and the water running (not to mention, to keep warm during the winter and vice versa), then your home might not be as energy efficient as it should be. Fortunately, you have plenty of options at your disposal to slash your bills—in the nature of several home upgrades. Here are a few to help you get started.

Upgraded Insulation

Experts do not recommend insulating homes and sealing virtually everything for no reason. By adequately sealing off/replacing your windows and doors (as well as adding insulation in key areas like your attic), however, you’ll be able to keep heat in when it’s cold and, conversely, keep cool when it’s a swelter.

Improve Home Efficiency with Peterborough Insulation and Other Methods

Insulate sidewalls – Homeowners with dwellings that have been built before sidewall insulation has been introduced and perfected should endeavour to get this upgrade, if they’re looking to significantly slash their HVAC bills. This is because such homes are known to lose much heat through the sidewalls, as the latter is directly exposed to the outdoors. It just makes perfect sense to have them upgraded accordingly by local Toronto insulation companies such as Envirotech Insulation.
Improved insulation works on a simple premise: the home keeps the heat in when it’s cold outside, and vice versa. For instance, a home that loses a significant amount of heat during the winter could result in sky-high HVAC bills and adverse environmental effects due to wasted energy.