Energy Star Recommends Improved Attic Insulation for Toronto Homes

“Locating and sealing air leaks in the attic and the basement are also vital steps in improving energy efficiency for homes in higher latitudes. Structural flaws tend to develop in hard-to-reach locations throughout a house, hidden from plain sight and detectable only through a detailed inspection by a professional. Energy Star specifically pinpointed areas such as kneewalls, attic hatches, wiring holes, plumbing vents, recessed lights, furnace flues, duct chaseways, and basement rim joists as susceptible to air leaks.

Families that are looking to improve their domestic energy efficiency and cut down on their monthly electricity bill need to consider the long-term effects and costs of any decisions they make regarding the quality of their insulation. The skilled and experienced technicians of EnviroTech Insulation can help design, install, and maintain energy-saving attic insulation for Toronto homeowners.”

Peterborough Insulation Specialists Ensure Energy-Saving Installations

“Homeowners are advised to keep the temperature of the attic colder than the warm, habitable indoor air of the rest of the house. Walker said that this is to avoid unplanned condensation that can lead to the undesirable growth of mold, which can severely damage insulation and other structural components over time. Residents are also encouraged to subject their insulation systems to regular maintenance to ensure the long-term efficiency and reliability of the components.

The planning, installation, and upkeep of energy-saving insulation is a complex undertaking that requires an intimate knowledge of materials and structural design. Specialists such as EnviroTech Insulation can help clients looking for insulation contractors in Toronto take the first step towards making their homes more cost-effective places to live in.”

Keep Cool All Year Round: How a Good Toronto Insulation Company Helps

“Insulation is one of the most important components in a place high up the northern hemisphere like Toronto, where temperatures easily drop below freezing point. An insulated attic keeps the home warm during the coldest months of the year and blocks excessive heat from entering the home. Families who are unsure of the condition of their insulation should call a reliable Toronto insulation company to inspect and update their home’s insulation efforts.

It is better to leave the inspection and improvement of home insulation to professional hands for several reasons. One of the biggest ones is the possibility of the homeowner making costly mistakes while trying to improve the house’s R-value. Removing old yet still effective insulation and overlooking house gaps are other common ones.”

Good Insulation in Peterborough Stops Families from Buying a New House

“It is true that improvements made in different areas of the home can easily sway a family to pack up and move to better, more energy-efficient dwellings. However, there are reasons why hiring the services of companies that offer insulation in Peterborough and nearby areas in the Greater Toronto Area is the better choice.

The biggest reason for families not to have to move into a new home is the volatile condition of Toronto’s housing market. The city is starting to share Vancouver’s reputation as a place where housing prices spike close to a million dollars. However, the housing market is slowly losing steam, and families looking to save money should not consider investing in a home anytime soon.”

Toronto Insulation Tips for your Home: Root out and Seal Air Leaks

“Efficient Toronto insulation services, such as those provided by companies such as EnviroTech Insulation, can help a great deal in keeping your energy bills down; after all, inefficient insulation squanders precious cooling or heating air that end up leaking through cracks or openings in your home. Thus, before you call on the pros for help, check first for every possible air leak and draft, and see if you can seal them yourself. Here are some reliable tips on how to seal up these leaks:

Fixtures and Openings

Your doors and windows are common culprits of air leakage; after all, they can’t be opened or closed without leaving any gap between them and your wall or floor. With these openings, rubber draft guards attached to the ends of the moveable part (such as a door) are installed to keep the air out (or from escaping). Take note that your house has other air entryways, like doggy doors, mail chutes, vents, and don’t forget the holes that are used to slip cables from inside your

Home Weatherization Program Helps with Insulation in Peterborough

“Participating in the program will help low-income families have their homes insulated as expenses will be paid for by the program. For those using this program and looking to improve their insulation in Peterborough without paying extra, there are requirements that need to be met. A household must be a member of one of these programs: Ontario Works, Guaranteed Income Supplement, National Child Benefit Supplement, Allowance for Seniors, Allowance for Survivors, Ontario Disability Support Program, Electric Utility HAP Program, or Healthy Smiles Ontario Child Dental Program. The other option is to have a low enough income bracket to be qualified. The remaining requirements include being an Enbridge customer or that one should live or are renting a home that is at least 30 years old.

When you qualify for the program, an energy adviser will check your home to do an initial inspection. This usually involves checking the attic, the insulation, and the HVAC system. This should give the adv

Envirotech Insulation specializes in installing cellulose in walls, garage ceilings, attics, and other area that might be inaccessible without having to remove walls.